POSbiz to Menumate Update Improvements

POSbiz to Menumate Update Improvements

POSbiz is the rebrand of the Menumate Point of Sale software.

Visit Rebrand FAQs to see some commonly asked questions
We have kept the layout and functionality of the POS the same so everyone can be comfortable knowing their way around the POS.
We have made some serious under the hood improvements affecting many areas of the POS

Below we have listed out some of the improvements and new features that have been added to POSbiz, that Menumate could only dream of!
Some are so good they need their own article!

New Look, Same Layout

We have kept the layout the same so that even the longest Menumate user will not have to change how they use the POS.
Visit this article to see videos of the POS in use

Light and Dark mode

POSbiz defaults to a darker background, with the highest contrast between the background and buttons, so they are the clearest they can be. 
Some screens are in lighter areas, or help illuminate an area, so there is a per POS setting to have a light mode for the order and tender screens.
Have the POS in a colour that suits you the best, and as always, all the Menu Item colours are fully customizable to make the layout you want.
Visit this article to see the difference between Light and Dark modes

Item Updates from within the POS

Menu Manager in the POS has been given a rework, and you can still update prices but now you can also change the menu item names - all from within the POS!
No need to load up the menu editor to change those tap beer names, or the rotating cabinet items.
Visit this article to see how to make on the fly menu changes

The POS now has an inbuilt link on the main screen, that will open a webpage to our ever growing Knowledge base of tips, tricks and how tos.
Visit this article to see where the link can be found

Less Taps

There are some every functions that if you use, you use many times a day. We have bought these function a few tabs closer meaning hundreds of saved taps in a day!
Visit this article to see how this could help you

Tab Item Details

Want to know which staff member save and item to a tab and when? Now you can with this info displayed on screen on every tab item.
Visit this article to see this in action 

Speed on loading large Tabs and Tables

Gone are the days of splitting a large tab between multiple tables, or starting the billing off process well in advance.
Some major work went in to make loading large tabs a breeze!
Visit this article to see how slow it once was!

Upgrade of the SmartPay Integration

POSbiz connects to SmartPay via their cloud based EFTPOS integration meaning there is a reliable and secure way of processing payments.

Eftpos Receipt Printing and Recovery on Failed Transactions

POSbiz can now control the EFTPOS receipt printing for all Eftpos integrations in NZ, meaning that if you dont want Eftpos receipts for customers, you dont have to get them!
These can not only be annoying, but this will save you paper!

While we were working on Eftpos we improved the recovery process, so if for some reason there is a breakdown between Eftpos and POSbiz, you will be asked if the transaction finalized on Eftpos allowing it to process as normal, not freeze up the POS.

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