POSbiz - Changing Item Names and Prices From within the POS

POSbiz - Changing Item Names and Prices From within the POS

POSbiz has the ability to change a item name and price, right from inside the POS.

You can easily update the daily changing cabinet food, or guest beer tap on the go.
This updates on the screen name, what is displayed on on the dockets and receipts.

Watch the video below to see these steps in action.

Change Item Name 

1) From the order screen go to System then Menu Manager
2) Find the item to update in your menus
3) Select Rename
4) Enter the new item name and press OK

From here you can press OK to return to the order screen or make adjustments to the sale price also

Change Item Price

1) On the item that needs its price changed, select a Size 
2) Press the current Price and change to the new Price. Press OK to confirm
3) Repeat the price update to any other sizes.

Once completed press OK to return to the oder screen.

How To Video

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